Verisign patent anomaly detector for domain registries – domain name wire

The patent describes a way to track unusual registration activity.

A graphic from Verisign’s patent for anomaly detection.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 11 190479 (pdf) to Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) for “Detection of Outlier Domain Registration and Resolution Patterns.”

The patent describes a system that checks for anomalies in registrations and resolution of domain names.

On the recording side, it could track metrics such as:

  • New registrations by registrar or family of registrars
  • New registrations by country of the declarant
  • New records by domain length
  • Average number of vowels for new recordings
  • Average number of consonants for new recordings
  • Names deleted by registrar or registrar family
  • Number of occurrences of a character in new registrations

then check the instances in which the data changes beyond certain limits. This could be used to track promotions, malware registrations, etc.

Verisign says the idea could also be applied to DNS resolution to look for anomalies that may indicate a DDoS attack.

I imagine most large registries have some kind of anomaly detection built into their tracking dashboards.

Verisign filed for a patent on May 23, 2017 and it was granted today.

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