Touchcast Launches .metaverse Domain Registration to Accelerate Business Migration to Metaverse

Touchcast Unveils MCity, the First Enterprise-Level Metaverse City, Supporting Secure Migration to the Metaverse at Scale and Seamlessly Integrated into Microsoft Teams

NEW YORK, January 5, 2022 / PRNewswire / – In conjunction with CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Touchcast today announced the launch of MCity, the world’s first enterprise metaverse, where any business can seamlessly deliver powerful experiences of communication, collaboration, commerce and learning. Businesses can now claim their address in the metaverse by registering their .metaverse domain.

Powered by Unreal Engine from Epic Games, AI and cloud GPUs from NVIDIA, Accenture services and the Microsoft cloud, MCity is pioneering the concept of Metaverse as a Service (MaaS). MaaS enables organizations to register their .metaverse domain for free, securely set up their metaverse campus, and start delivering immersive experiences that bring people together across time, space, and language barriers.

In addition to unveiling MCity, Touchcast will also host the main Metaverse Summit this year at CES as a hybrid experience with over 20 industry thought leaders including Andrew Wilson, digital director at Microsoft, Richard kerris, Vice President, Development of the Omniverse IGM M&E Platform at NVIDIA and Bernt Kåre Johannessen, Industrial Director at Epic games. Also included are several leaders of Accenture share their journey through the metaverse and their unique point of view on supporting their clients in their migration to the metaverse.

The Metaverse Summit will air both in the digital twin of the Touchcast CES booth at MCity and physically as a stunning hologram on the physical stage. CES will mark the world premiere of the Touchcast Metaverse Podium, which represents the first of what will be a new generation of Metaverse devices.

“The metaverse will connect organizations, employees, partners and customers in a new digital realm,” Wilson said. “It’s exciting to see this universe unfold and Touchcast’s MCity is a great example of the metaverse coming to life with Microsoft Teams as the first gateway.”

To help businesses start their metaverse journey, Touchcast has partnered with Accenture, which will help their customers capitalize on the next wave of digital innovation.

“With the rise of distributed commerce, employees and customers want the flexibility of hybrid work, but also a fundamentally better experience,” said Marc Carrel-Billiard, Accenture Global Head of Technological Innovation. “For many, the main way to interact with an organization will be digital. But for that interaction to be meaningful, it needs to go far beyond conference calls and video chats. MCity delivers this richer, deeper, and enduring digital experience and Accenture helps clients navigate their transition to the metaverse. “

With photorealistic 3D environments that were, until recently, only available for the high end Games and movies, MCity leverages cloud-based rendering on Microsoft Azure cloud powered by NVIDIA GPUs and Maxine software to enable one of the 250 million active Microsoft Teams users to be transported to a metaverse place to be. meet, work, shop and learn with others. Currently available as invite only preview, MCity allows companies to migrate current workflows to the metaverse to support a hybrid work reality, without the need for VR headsets, high-end computers or specialized software.

MCity takes advantage of Epic’s Unreal Engine, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D authoring tool to create digital twins of any corporate campus. Campuses are located on their own blocks in MCity, and businesses can claim their MCity address for free, starting today. The growing community of businesses and manufacturers who can create Unreal-based experiences will be able to offer their services in MCity through its upcoming Marketplace.

“We’re excited to see companies like Touchcast leverage NVIDIA’s metaverse foundation to shape the future of work,” Kerris said. “Today, MCity enables businesses to move to the metaverse by harnessing the power of high-end cloud-based rendering on Microsoft Azure, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, while supporting Omniverse and open standards for everyone. world of 3D assets. “

“At a time when humanity is challenged to think differently about the future of work, we need new paradigms and new tools to imagine a better way of doing things,” said Edo Segal, Founder and CEO of Touchcast. “We have been developing the technologies for this migration over the past decade, and over the past two years, we have hosted critical events for the world’s largest companies at MCity. Now is the time to open it up to the rest of the world. “

To claim your .metaverse domain for free, visit the registration page. To join the Metaverse Summit 2022 @ CES, register here.

Touchcast is the world’s leading enterprise metaverse company. A pioneer in the use of Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence, we bring people together by breaking down barriers of space, time and language. Visit us at


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