Top 5 Domain Name Stories for May – Domain Name Wire

Here’s what happened in the domain industry last month.

Did you miss an action last month? Here are the top five stories on DNW for the past month, ranked by pageviews.

1. 7 Words to Avoid in Domains Because They Are Actually Trademarks – Many domain investors register these words in domains without realizing they are cybersquatting.

2. Ryan Kavanaugh loses cybersquatting dispute with YouTuber Ethan Klein – A popular YouTube personality went to the mat with movie financier Ryan Kavanaugh, and the YouTuber won the most recent battle.

3. Deel Announces $50 Million Funding After Acquisition – founder Francois Carrillo sold the domain to the company ahead of its latest fundraising.

4. Big Changes Proposed for Domain Transfers – A task force is about to propose to shake up the domain transfer process.

5. A domain investor acquires the .link top-level domain – Yoni Belousov acquired the University TLD from Frank Schilling.

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