The owner of appears to have acquired – Domain Name Wire is with the same registrar and has the same Cloudflare nameservers as

Caribou was recently renamed from MotoRefi and appears to have acquired the corresponding domain name.

The domain name might be familiar to Domain Name Wire readers.

In September 2021, Scott Dylan, shareholder of British logistics company Caribou, filed a UDRP against the domain name. His company, which uses the domain, lost the UDRP to domain owner K-Ventures FZE LLC. The three-person panel released its decision in December 2021.

Shortly thereafter, moved registrars from Uniregistry to Google Domains under Whois privacy protection. A change of registrar does not always signal a domain name sale, but since other domains owned by K-Ventures, such as,, and are still with Uniregistry, it makes the possibility stronger. [Update: a person with knowledge of the sale confirmed the domain sold.]

Although is unresolved at the time of writing, the nameservers for the domain have changed. After some research, the new registrar and nameserver combination matches another Caribou domain,

A Washington-based auto refinance company named Caribou uses

Founded in 2016, the company has developed an automotive refinance platform that manages the entire loan process. Until November 10, the startup was called MotoRefi, a restrictive name it has moved beyond.

In an announcement at the time, Caribou CEO Kevin Bennett said, “The rebranding represents an exciting next step as we work to expand Caribou into a full-fledged digital agency, where we can provide consumers with additional flexibility and ways to save money”. on their cars.

As MotoRefi, the company raised $69.1 million in funding, including a $45 million Series B round led by Goldman Sachs in May 2021. The name change to Caribou, which took place six months after the Series B financing round, coincided with a new product offering, with the company now selling insurance products in addition to auto refinancing.

Evidence suggests that Caribou secured its exact match domain,, shortly after the rebranding.

As a consumer-focused company with a website essential to its operation, spending money on would be a logical decision.

The UDRP against revealed that K-Ventures acquired the name for $91,482. If Caribou did acquire the estate, his purchase price was likely much higher.

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