Someone bought the Silent Hill domain name from Troll Konami

Few video game franchises have seen such intense calls for a comeback from their fan base as silent Hill at. The horror franchise has been deeply important to gaming as a whole, with some of the most iconic enemy games ever seen. However, Konami doesn’t seem particularly keen on creating a new one, much to the annoyance of the series’ supporters. In response, a fan gets a little revenge.

While it’s unclear who, exactly, is responsible, someone bought the domain and is currently hosting a tweet from Masahiro Ito, the art director of the silent Hill series, stating that he wished he had never designed Pyramid Head, the franchise’s most iconic villain. The tweet is also real, having been posted just days ago on his personal Twitter account.


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Konami once allowed the domain registration to expire, but managed to buy it out before anyone else could. This time, however, an internet troll has taken over the company, and it may cost a pretty penny to get the domain back if Konami decides it’s still worth having. Rumors have circulated that silent Hill will also return, so it doesn’t seem entirely unlikely that Konami will pick it up.

Of course, this only depends on speculation. Konami’s relationship with the gaming industry has been tumultuous since 2015, shortly after Hideo Kojima’s exit. Metal Gear Solid 5. Konami has come under fire for how it handled its split from Kojima, who has since formed his own studio, Kojima Productions. At the time, Kojima was working on a reboot of the series called silent hills, which would have featured Norman Reedus as the protagonist.

However, this story didn’t quite have the ending that fans were hoping for. Kojima left the company and all that was left of the project was PT, a playable teaser for silent hills which became famous for the story behind it. PT is no longer available for download, and PS4 consoles that have it installed can fetch high prices online.

It’s unclear how Konami will react to the loss of the domain, and if it even has any recourse to get it back. Their only option may be to buy the domain from whoever registered it, although they may not be willing to give it up. It’s a bit of an embarrassment for Konami, but an expert-level troll at the hands of whoever pulled it off.

A new silent Hill the game is rumored to be in development.

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