Sedo Two Letter Domain Auction Results – Domain Name Wire

A two-letter .org domain ranks first.

Sedo’s two-letter domain name auction ended this morning (PST).

None of the prized two-letter .com domains have seen much success, with bids exceeding just over $100,000. Two-letter .com domains had reserves of $1.0 million to $1.5 million.

There was action at the bottom end. I followed the final prices for anything that closed above $500. Here’s what I recorded, but don’t consider them official: $21,000 $10,999 $9,100 $8,000 $7,069
$5,500 before
qd.of £5,000 $3,301
up to £2,855 2 550 € €2,549 €2,450 2 350 € €1,049 $1049 960 €
vj. at 749 € 700 € 560 € €558 $551 $509 is a fun palindrome domain name. There aren’t many there. is interesting because av can mean audiovisual. Hd .xxx has seen a lot of lagging activity. And, although a few .inc domains sold, they sold below the annual registration cost!

A handful of new TLDs selling for less than $500, including,,,, Most two-letter domains in new top-level domains have premium renewals.

The next big auction on Sedo’s radar is a large estate auction. Submissions are now open.

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