More Companies Are Trying to Register Top Level Domain Names – Domain Name Wire

It won’t work.

The US Office of Trademarks and Trademark Protection won’t issue trademarks for top-level domains, but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

For example, Unstoppable Domains tried and failed to register trademarks for .blockchain, .crypto, and .coin. Trademark protection for top-level domains is the focus of a lawsuit filed by the company.

Here are some recent examples, all with connections to blockchain domains.

DeID PTE LTd filed applications for .bit October 21. The company is behind what it calls “cross-channel Web3 identities for you and your community.” The company raised $13 million this summer.

Habib Ferdous, a software developer in New York who runs a company called Coreibytes Codetech Inc., filed for .meta October 22. It is an intent-to-use application covering many services, including domain name registration and registration services. The services also mention web3 and blockchain.

Hailiang Xing filed an application for .dumbass October 28. The applicant claims that the mark is already in use and has submitted a document which only shows the word .twit with a small arrow. The description of the specimen is simply, “Blockchain is already available”.

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