Launching Nameblock to Make Domain Blocking Easier – Domain Name Wire

The company wants to make it easier for brands to block problematic domains in top-level domains.

The new 2012 top-level domain name series inaugurated new services to help brand owners protect their brands on top-level domain names. For example, some registries have introduced blocking services that allow trademark holders to block their marks and variants in every extension offered by the registry.

While useful, these services are sold piecemeal for each registry. Each registry’s offering is different, and many smaller registries don’t offer any at all.

NameBlock AS, which launches this week at NamesCon, hopes to change that.

The service was founded by Rolf Larsen, who built and sold the .global extension. He is also co-founder of the brand protection service IQ Global.

In this week’s Domain Name Wire podcast, Larsen explained that his vision is to make it easier for trademark holders to block problematic domains, while bringing new revenue streams to registries and registrars.

As a blocking marketplace, NameBlock can help registries (including those with non-new TLDs) create their own blocking options that can be sold by registrars and other partners. Brand owners will be able to group blocks instead of purchasing single blocks for each register.

For this to work, NameBlock will need to integrate many registers. With the company’s experience with domains and its connections to registries, it looks like easier domain blocking might be around the corner.

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