Latest End User Domain Sales, Including Bizarre New TLD Sales – Domain Name Wire

I scratch my head about a few of these areas.

Sedo had several big sales of new top-level domains last week, including for $49,000. I can’t figure out who bought this domain, but you can bet it’s a blockchain company.

His other two big new TLD sales were hyphenated .blog domains, and there must be more to the story than meets the eye. See details below.

Here is a list of end user domain name sales that have just ended at Sedo. You can check out previous lists like this here. €78,888 – Headissue GmbH is a German software development company. There is a popular file compression tool with this domain, but I don’t think the creator of this software is connected to Headissue. €30,000 and €30,000 – I really don’t know what to think of these outrageous sales. Whois lists the owner as AWI Finance GmbH. There is an under construction page for this company’s website which was provided by technology provider Anexia. The previous owner is listed as another German company that used Anexia. The nameservers briefly changed from Anexia to Sedo and now to another DNS. Odd. $25,000 – Aito Software Oy bought this domain. He runs PressRush, which offers PR tools and data. $9,795 – Getaway offers luxury vacation rental properties to investors. $9,000 – CAM, Inc. is a Japanese media management and content production company. I don’t know what this domain is for. $7,999 – Dough sells video game hardware. €5,500 – parsionate GmbH is a German data management company. The company filed a European trademark application for XPLN earlier this year. €5,500 – Not sure who bought it, but they put up a coming soon page that says “Everything. Everywhere. Everyone…. COMING SOON”. $5,000 – Social media cybersecurity personality “Big Ed” forwards this domain to his site at He cleverly points out: “Social platforms come and go every day. Humans will be here for a long time. Join my mailing list to receive new content alerts, cybersecurity tips for everyone, and more! $3,999 – Whois says buyer is “Strane” in France. It could be startup studio Strane Innovations. One of its portfolio companies is BlueSCities, which offers “smart city plans”. $2,488 – This domain was a new registration earlier this year. The buyer creates a financing site. $2,200 – PSA Airlines, part of American Airlines, forwards this domain to a page on its site that recruits pilots. €2,000 – Eastwood is a networking event and educator for the German timber construction industry.

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