Judge halts sale of eth.link domain name – Domain Name Wire

A temporary restraining order suspends the sale.

US District Judge John Tuchi has issued a temporary restraining order (pdf) halting the sale of eth.link.

As Domain Name Wire first reported on September 7, Ethereum Name Service and former eth.link registrant Virgil Griffith sued GoDaddy and Dynadot to end the domain name expiration and sale. The domain name went through an expiration-to-expiration cycle, and Dynadot auctioned it off for $852,000.

Tuchi ordered that the domain name be transferred to Griffith for the time being. He had given GoDaddy and Dynadot a single day to respond, and neither of them did.

However, this is only a temporary restraining order and is not the final word on the matter. tuchi wrote:

In this case, the parties have provided no information on the amount of bond that would be appropriate; indeed, the defendants provided no briefing. Court Declines to Set Preliminary Injunction Bond Amount at Zero Because Defendants May Sustain Damages if Ultimately Determined They Were Entitled to Allow Registration to Expire Applicants in the Domain and/or to sell or transfer ownership of the Domain. See Jorgensen, 320 F.3d at 919. The Court, in its discretion, will set the amount of bond at $10,000.

In other words, the current action is to keep the domain from slipping away while the case is in litigation.

It will be interesting to see what GoDaddy and Dynadot decide to do. There is some confusion regarding expiry times in the documents filed by the plaintiff. But it’s also unclear what actions GoDaddy took around the domain name when it expired.

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