GoDomain launches .GO domain registration on the XDC network

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2022 / GoDomains today announced the launch of blockchain-based domain registration services with .GO extension. With this, users could now register domains like liz.go, enterprise.go, etc.

GoDomains deploys suites of smart contracts on the XDC blockchain, functioning as distributed, open and extensible naming systems. Blockchain domain systems map human-readable names like “mike.go” or “xdc.go” to machine-readable identifiers for crypto wallets, digital identities, censorship-resistant websites, e -mails and storefronts metaverses. The Blockchain domain functions as a non-fungible token (NFT). However, unlike traditional domain names controlled by centralized entities, blockchain domain names are maintained by their owner, with a separate public ledger in the form of a smart contract.

A .GO domain extension offers a welcome alternative to the currently available list of domain extensions, which are more aligned with native blockchain typos. GO domains are easy-to-remember names resembling an abbreviated form of “global” ambition for their owners. Similar to “.com” The latest fever in cryptocurrency markets has seen buyers scoop up blockchain domain names, which are minted and sold as NFTs.


GoDomains are fully decentralized, as the registry smart contract has no administrator, only the domain owner(s) or someone with their authorization can transfer or administer newly formed domains. Services are created using blockchain protocols and .GO domain addresses are hosted on the XDC network.


Currently in beta, GO Domain offers a host of attractive domain names that could be registered and later resold. The invitation price for domain name registration starts with 10 USD of XDC tokens. Depending on the number of characters, the prices keep increasing. Currently, users can register domain names in 3, 4, and 5+ letter extensions for a limited time only.

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