Ethereum domain name service sues GoDaddy

The creator of the Ethereum name service has filed a lawsuit against GoDaddy for selling the essential domain name, which hosts all.eth web addresses used by the Ethereum community. The operator of the website, True Names Ltd., filed a lawsuit on Monday, accusing GoDaddy of misleading customers by selling the domain name sooner than it was supposed to return to the registry and become available. purchase.

Thanks to, anyone who wanted to access.eth addresses was able to do so. Traditional browsers cannot access.eth sites, but Web3 compatible browsers like MetaMask can. made a bridge-like pledge. Domain registration upgrades are normally straightforward; however, here the individual with the right to do so, Virgil Griffith, is currently incarcerated for 63 months for teaching North Koreans what to do with cryptocurrencies to circumvent sanctions (traditional browsers cannot access CoinDesk.eth directly, but they could through

On July 26, 2023, the registration was due to expire, but the complaint that was sent to the United States GoDaddy falsely claimed that it did so in August in District Court for the District of Arizona. GoDaddy sold to a third party despite stating in the filing that the website address would open for sale again on September 5, 2022; cryptocurrency startup Manifold Finance on September 3.

The plaintiffs, True Names and Griffith, are suing Defendant GoDaddy, Inc., LLC, and any workers or companies that actively or passively allowed to expire and be offered for sale to the public for damages of at least $75,000, excluding attorneys’ fees.

The ENS service is comparable to the Internet’s Domain Name System, which allows users to access websites by entering a single domain name as opposed to each website’s unique IP address. ENS domains are more censorship-resistant and private than Internet DNS domains because they are powered by decentralized smart contracts. As of August 17, the ENS had two million domain name registrations.

Currently, a notice from new owner Manifold Finance states that services will resume the following week on the landing page. Manifold reportedly paid $851,919.30 for the, according to Domain Name Wire. GoDaddy has chosen not to comment on pending litigation.

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