Domain registration higher than ever due to pandemic

Nominet has released an updated map of the online world to reflect the changes it has seen in domain registration during the pandemic.

The company that oversees the .uk domain registry redrawn the map to reflect the relative size of national registers.

Nominet noted a 5% or more increase in domains under management (DUM) for 109 country code top level domains (ccTLDs). The increase is believed to be due to businesses around the world moving online in response to foreclosure restrictions, which has resulted in the increase in domain names that include words such as “delivery” and “online.”

Online domains

The world of domains continued to grow and expand into new territories in 2020, with the emergence of a new ccTLD. South Sudan launched the .ss, which was assigned to it in January 2019.

According to a Growth Intelligence study, in the UK alone, more than 85,000 companies have launched online stores or joined online marketplaces from April to July 2020.

Beyond the UK, of all domain names on the Internet, ccTLDs represent 33% overall.

The remaining 67% are gTLDs, of which 47% are domain names ending in .com. Nominet reveals that the top five ccTLDs are: Tokelau, China, Germany, UK and the Netherlands.

Eleanor Bradley, MD of Nominet Registry said, “We know the world is not an equal place and, with a few notable exceptions, this map visually highlights the gap between more mature digital economies and those where growth is. yet to come.

Overall, the numbers also show the impact of the lockdown on established country codes, like .UK, which has seen an increase in registrations as businesses without a strong digital presence saw the urgent need to focus online. . “

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