Are these Amazon domain registrations really necessary? – Domain name thread

Send Alexa into space and throw money down the drain.

Alexa in space! For some reason, Amazon has defensively registered over 50 domains for this. Image courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed Martin announced last week that it is working with Amazon and Cisco on space flight technology. Essentially, they’re going to test how Amazon’s Alexa and Cisco’s WebEx could help in spaceflight.

This is a very B-to-B game with no consumer angle. I don’t think Amazon needed to register domain names defensively for this project.

Yet he signed up more than 50.

Can anyone explain why registering to protect the Amazon brand? Would a cybersquatter somehow spoil the company’s plans by registering Could be used in a phishing attack?

Apparently someone at Amazon was worried. Or someone is paid by the domain to register these domains.

Here are 54 records from out of this world domains related to Alexa in space:

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