Amazon Goes On Robot Vacuum Domain Frenzy After iRobot Announcement – Domain Name Wire

The company registers more than 100 acquisition-related domains.

Amazon has registered more than 100 domains related to its acquisition of iRobot. Photo courtesy of iRobot.

Amazon last week announced the acquisition of iRobot, maker of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner.

I am a big fan of these robots. Our upstairs Roomba tucks under the bed where our dog likes to hang out, sucking up all the hair we can’t reach with a regular vacuum. And if you’re a Roomba owner and haven’t invested in the Clean Base, that’s a game changer.

Amazon tends to register many domain names after making a product announcement. iRobot’s announcement is no different.

DomainTools captured more than 100 domain names that the company registered on August 5. The domains cover the iRobot brand, Roomba, the Braava cleaning robot, and general vacuum cleaner terms. Here is the list of DomainTools:

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