Airbnb lost the web domain name for not updating it

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We will not stop stressing the importance of having our to-do in order so as not to have problems with deadlines. Maybe the Airbnb The hosting platform will learn the lesson, because due to an oversight, the company did not update the information of one of its web domains, and now it has lost it permanently.

It all started in 2017, when Airbnb buy it Tilting platform, a mobile payment startup that was originally called Crowdtilt . With the acquisition, the hosting application also became the owner of the and web domains.

In 2021, the rights to domain has expired, so Airbnb sold it to an unknown buyer for more than $ 17,000 (approximately Mexican pesos 340,000). Since Crowdtilt was a famous tech startup in its early days, the domain had significant SEO value i.e. it had a high reputation in web searches.

The anonymous buyer realized that Airbnb had not updated registration information after the acquisition of the company. Also, when purchasing the domain, that person had access to the email address’ ‘and other data that allowed him to take control of without authorization.

Airbnb took legal action to recover the stolen domain

Last July, the opportunist attempted to sell the Addressed to James booth , a major investor in domain names. The deal has been completed, and now the law firm that manages the Escrow.Domain silver owns the domain that previously belonged to Airbnb .

Since then, the hosting app has been struggling to get the domain back, but they couldn’t find an agreement with the law firm, according to Domain name thread. In September, the platform filed a lawsuit against the law firm of UDRP, the legal body that handles cybersquatting cases at the Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers.

Ultimately, the UDRP said it was not qualified to deal with theft cases, so Airbnb has lost the lawsuit and will not take back ownership of , unless he comes to an agreement with the new owners.

Going back to the original point, the whole problem could have been avoided if only Airbnb had updated the information on before selling it, or if they had renewed their rights to on time. Do you see how important it is to keep a calendar and schedule reminders?

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