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NFT companies, a housing authority and a brand of running tights have bought domain names.

I found a lot of end-user sales on Sedo’s sales list this week. The best seller of the week was HomeSA.com, which was acquired through the SedoMLS network.

Here is a list of end user domain name sales that have just ended at Sedo. You can check out previous lists like this here.

HomeSA.com $26,000 – San Antonio Housing Authority is a large organization in San Antonio that provides affordable housing. The agency employs over 500 people and has an annual operating budget of $185 million. His website is saha.org.

AAds.com $25,050 – This is an upgrade for A-Ads.com, a crypto advertising network website.

Tokeneer.com $12,345 – Tokeneer lets you create NFTs instantly. How’s that for a sale price?

OpenLinkProfiler.org £10,099 – This is a backlink checker. It was an active website and I don’t know if the buyer acquired the entire site.

BarJRanch.com $9,995 – The buyer is the co-founder of a private equity fund. The domain could be for a project outside the fund. It sounds like the name of a neighborhood.

Vitamines.com €8,888 – The buyer creates a site on vitamins. The estate is Dutch for vitamins.

Stoko.com $8,500 – Stoko is a brand of running tights.

Stride.tech $7,999 – Stride is a software development company. It forwards this domain to Stridenyc.com.

TalentJet.com $6,495 – TalentJet is a recruitment company.

RSMGlobal.com $5,000 – RSM International is a conglomerate of accounting firms, making it the 6th largest accounting consultancy in the world. Its main website is RSM.global, so it looks like a defensive registration.

GoodTrip.co.uk £4,975 – Good Trip sells eco-friendly travel gear.

JCLMM.com €4,000 – This is the abbreviation for Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, a scientific journal.

Wepal.com €4,000 – Cabinet Germain et Maureau is a law firm in France. I don’t know what this is for; it could be for a client.

Galero.com €3,900 – Grupo Galero supplies spare parts for heavy machinery (think Caterpillar machines). It forwards this domain to GrupoGalero.com.

Geschenk-online.de €3,888 – This is a typo from geschenke-online.de, a freebie site. It forwards to the correct domain.

ClimateGovernance.org $3,880 – Not sure what to think. The domain forwards to a report on climate governance from the World Economic Forum. The domain has been registered with Namecheap and has Whois privacy.

Flexs.com $2,500 – Flexs is kind of an NFT project.

Legal.us $2,500 – Taroko is a mobile app builder. Some of its apps include LegalTemplates.net and Termly, a tool for creating terms and conditions. I think the buyer got a good deal.

ModernBench.com $2,464 – Workshop is a Detroit-based manufacturer of reclaimed wood tables and benches.

Synda.com $2,000 – This domain is short for Syndacart, a coupon code plugin. The domain is transferred to Syndacart.com.

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